Please don't stop the music

I am sad.
And I have a stupid reason.
Actually theres no reason.

I've just watched something.
Monk to be exact.
The series finale.
It made me cry.

However I'm not going to let that drag me down.
In a few minutes I'll be able to laugh again and the sadness will be gone.
Actually there are a lot of reasons to be happy.
I'm doing Christmas shopping right now and I'm imagining what they are going to think about the presents.
The best thing would be if their eyes would sparkle with joy, but thats not going to happen (:
However I like that idea...
I promised my Mum to take her with me to Paris or London when I'm done with school.
So now I'll start saving up the money so I can take her and my Dad to one of those places and I hope that their eyes will sparkle then... :3

7.12.09 18:21

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