Sometimes life is a bitch, but then again everything is just my fault and there's no one else to blame.
Those days are the bad days, the days where you have to face your problems.
Today is such a day.
It's my fourth sick day and I hate it, it's the only thing I'm not to blame for, like that would change anything, huh?
I really miss my best friend and I've realised that I havent done quite as much for her as she has done for me and that really pisses me off right now.
I'm a dork, taking everything as a matter of course.
I'm such a mess.
Today is a bad day, but it's going to end in a few minutes and I'll go and sleep and tomorrow will be a new day.

I will change things.
I've that that dozen times, but this time I'm confident.
I'm just tired of it. Of me.
It has to end and it will end.
There is time for another me.
Time will come, it just will take some.
I will see, they will see.

29.11.09 23:20

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